Storm Shelters

Manus Storm Shelters

Heavy steel, welded inside and out-dsc7294.jpg but that’s just the beginning,

a lot of design features get built into every one of the storm shelters made at Manus Welding and Fabrication Shop  in

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

First of all  they are roomy.  6 foot tall and plenty of leg room between the benches. inside view of the shelter

Even the steps fold flat against the end to optimize  space inside,  because even though   a majority of storms  are over fairly quickly, you just never know  when a building or huge tree might get dropped on top of you while you’re inside or  when you may have several funnels in one storm…

like it or not if you get to stay in  a shelter for an extended period it better not be cramped quarters…

or   heaven forbid  not up to the task of  keeping  any aftermath on the  OUTSIDE.


At Manus Welding you can count on  professional  fabrication with tough inspections  for every step along the  manufacturing  process.  No detail is ever overlooked, and  this does not stop after the  construction either.  Quality  finish and  extreme care on the install means  they will look  every bit as good as they will perform at your place, years from now too.  steps

Here’s a good view of the heavy steps  (that fold flat,  out of the way,

when you’re inside) no wimpy  ladders in  here,  nice wide treads welded

  together for strength!

Take a look at the  bearings  mounted on axles along the top too!

  that heavy steel lid glides smoothly to open and close.

The latching mechanism is  super strong as well!


3 thoughts on “Storm Shelters

  1. I live in Hoxie and my sister is willing to buy a storm cellar for me but I need to give her quotes. My address is xxx xxxx xxxxxt, my number is 870 xxx xxxx, my name is Cindy Maxie… Please call ASAP
    (address and phone number removed from this comment by webmaster)

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